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Monday, February 12, 2018

Mocktail Monday: Sparkling Valentine

It's Mocktail Monday and today's drink is perfect for valentines of all ages and, with only three ingredients, it's inexpensive and easy to make!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Don't Eat Detergent! Try Our Recipes Instead!

Whether you've been following the news or remain blissfully unaware, young people have been eating Tide laundry detergent pods as a dare. Misguided adults trying to be cool can't be far behind. Don't eat detergent! Try our detergent-inspired recipes instead! Fresh!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Mocktail Monday: Spice Trader

It's Mocktail Monday and today's drink has an ingredient we just discovered: Emollient Drink, from Peru! Paul found it at our local international grocery, but if your supermarket has a well-stocked international section, check there first and save yourself time. I love this drink, not only for the days I'm abstaining, but also for those times when I want another drink, but I don't want the booze. Not too sweet and just a little spicy!

Friday, January 26, 2018

A Backup Plan

Social media can be a harsh mistress. It loves when you upload content and will happily allow you to post anything that doesn't violate their terms of use, but the dark side is that they can toss you off their platform at any time without warning. It's still their platform, no matter how much you might personalize your page.

I had a little scare last night when I couldn't access our Facebook page - our primary platform and where we post all of our updates, host live videos, etc. Fortunately I can get back in (for now, anyway - cue ominous music), but it really made me think about a backup plan. I don't want to be dependent on anyone else, especially since next Tuesday's episode could be a little controversial. So here's the plan, should we ever get tossed from a platform:

1. We post all of our episodes (other than live videos) to both Facebook and YouTube and at least truncated versions on Instagram. If one platform boots us, it will be on another.

2. In the unlikely, but still remotely possible, event that everyone simultaneously boots us, we'll post our videos directly to our website, which is here. It's a bit out of date, but we're planning an upgrade in the not too distant future, which will be fun!

Here are all of our social media links, just in case:


I have to admit this is is actually kind of fun. 

Monday, January 22, 2018

Good News for Facebook Folks!

For a variety of reasons that we don't need to go into at the moment, I'm pleased to report that we will be doing our live broadcasts on Facebook from now on! We may do the occasional live broadcast on YouTube, but for the most part it will be Facebook all the way. Not only is a lot easier to set up a live broadcast on Facebook, but Facebook has shown us a lot more love than YouTube ever will. We will continue to post our Monday and Tuesday episodes on YouTube (as well as Facebook and Instagram, of course) and, again, perhaps the occasional live broadcast, but the real fun will be on Facebook! Here's the link to our Facebook page in case you're not already following us there.

Coming this week on all of our social media platforms: highballs and snacks inspired by "Grease" and Thursday's live broadcast will be a celebration of all things Tony Manero! And I mean all, not just "Saturday Night Fever." It may just be our cheesiest live broadcast to date and that is really saying something!