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Thursday, February 21, 2013

These Boots Are Made for Walkin'

It often feels to me as though, as Sandy (Teri Garr) so eloquently put it in "Tootsie," "All I do is buy things!" She was reacting strongly after a bad audition , but I know the feeling. This morning I took the train into the city with Paul and quickly realized I would likely die in my little gold shoes. We'd walked one block and my feet were numb from the cold. And this wasn't me making a dumb shoe choice this morning. None of my "walking around NYC" shoes would have been any better. So we quickly decided that , as we were in front of a Payless, I 'd better duck in and try to find something more substantial.  I figured I 'd find something cheap and at least it might get me through the day. Strangely, the shoes weren't all that cheap, but beggars can 't be choosers.  But I did find a pair of boots I liked , neither biker nor cowboy, which is kind of unusual this year, and they're actually comfortable. I always think of shoes from Payless as falling apart after a few months, but I hope these don't. I like them.

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