Friday, July 29, 2016

Always Shooting Food

We're deep in the thick of preparing for our Tiki Oasis symposium and basically our dining room has been turned into a soundstage for the duration. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at one of many tablescapes that are being shot for the occasion:

Always shooting food...

On a related note, if you live anywhere near us, or just happen to be passing through New York on I-84, please drop by and eat! We have a refrigerator bursting with food from all of these shoots. Lovely libations will be included!

Thursday, July 28, 2016


Are you attending Tiki Oasis? If so, don't you DARE miss our symposium! The hideous freak from the sea DEMANDS that you attend! Candy and cocktails will be served! Click here to purchase your ticket and click here to see what you're in for!


Thursday, July 21, 2016

We Know Such Lovely People

I feel behind on my blogging, but I feel behind on pretty much everything! Not only are we keeping to our twice-weekly episode uploading schedule, we're also preparing our symposium for Tiki Oasis, for which we're making a short film, and we're working on some fabulous merchandise to add to our online store ASAP. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't fraying at the edges a little bit. However, it's been so much fun and we've been helped by so many sweet friends who've let us take over their homes or parties to shoot, who've appeared on camera and who have helped by moving equipment, making us drinks and generally being very fabulous people. We would be up a creek without them. I'm afraid to leave someone out, but I want to specifically thank Kiki and Greg, Dennis and Margie, Joe, Zach, Donna and Chris, along with everyone else who is wishing us well and helping to spread the word about the show, leaving us supportive comments, etc. You're the ones keeping us going when we feel like we're about to lose our minds!

Zach brings the drama on the green screen

I cannot wait to see this scene finished and edited!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Make Your Own Cocktail Syrups!

Have you ever looked at a cocktail recipe and thought "I can't make that! I don't have (fill in the blank) syrup!" Yes, you can! Cocktail syrups are easy to make, which means that not only do you not need to source specialty syrups or order online, you can save lots of money!

The syrup called for the most in cocktail recipes is simple syrup, which is nothing more than sugar and water. Combine one part sugar to one part water. I like to melt mine on the stovetop (don't boil - it's ready as soon as the sugar is melted), but you can also shake vigorously until they're completely combined. If you prefer a richer syrup you can use two parts sugar. You can also use a brown sugar, such as turbinado or demerara, if you're looking for variety.

For easy passionfruit, tamarind and other exotic syrups, simply combine one part simple syrup to one part frozen fruit pulp. If you have a 14 oz packet of passionfruit pulp, melt 7 oz of sugar in 7 oz of water, add your pulp and melt. That's it! We also use this technique for grenadine: one part pure pomegranate juice to one part simple syrup.

There are many fancy syrups out there, such as chili lime syrups, ginger,  cinnamon, etc. Those are practically as easy to accomplish as the syrups above! Steep herbs or spices in water until you have a flavor you like (letting them sit overnight really brings out the flavor), then proceed as you would for simple syrup, using your flavored water in place of plain water. Try it with  herbal teas, fresh ginger, cinnamon sticks and more!

If you're concerned that you might not use your syrup quickly and would like a preservative, a shot of light rum or vodka will help to prolong its life. Be sure to store your syrups in the refrigerator!

There is a world of easy cocktail syrups at your fingertips! Play around with your favorite flavors and, when you have a syrup you really love, send us the recipe! We'd love to feature it!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ready For A Slice Of Cake?

Who's ready for a slice of cake? Here are a couple of unusual cakes from 1972's Unusual Old World And American Recipes, published by Nordic Ware, the folks who in the early 1950s gave us the Bundt pan. I'm pleased to report that, when I visited their site today, the first recipe that popped up was for an Irish whiskey cake, so they haven't shied away from the boozy baking in the years since Harvey Wallbanger's Cake:

Do you prefer porkier pies? If so, here you go!

We inherited a Fleur De Lis Bundt pan from Paul's mom and we have a large supply of Galliano, so I'm thinking Harvey Wallbanger's Cake may be in our near future.  Stay tuned!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Vintage Recipes & My Daily Hustle

I just posted a new batch of vintage recipes on our website! Here's a little teaser of what you'll find - click here to visit the page!

July means BBQs and picnics!

Now that we've passed 5000 Facebook followers (and, if you're one of those followers, thank you!) we're trying to push our YouTube channel past the 1000 mark. We are so close. It is truly driving me bonkers! If you're not subscribed to our channel, please subscribe! It only takes a moment and you'll see our videos at a much higher quality definition than on Facebook, plus we post extras there that don't always make it onto Facebook. Click here to visit our channel and subscribe! You have no idea how much we appreciate your support! And sharing is caring - please tell your friends!