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Thursday, July 21, 2016

We Know Such Lovely People

I feel behind on my blogging, but I feel behind on pretty much everything! Not only are we keeping to our twice-weekly episode uploading schedule, we're also preparing our symposium for Tiki Oasis, for which we're making a short film, and we're working on some fabulous merchandise to add to our online store ASAP. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't fraying at the edges a little bit. However, it's been so much fun and we've been helped by so many sweet friends who've let us take over their homes or parties to shoot, who've appeared on camera and who have helped by moving equipment, making us drinks and generally being very fabulous people. We would be up a creek without them. I'm afraid to leave someone out, but I want to specifically thank Kiki and Greg, Dennis and Margie, Joe, Zach, Donna and Chris, along with everyone else who is wishing us well and helping to spread the word about the show, leaving us supportive comments, etc. You're the ones keeping us going when we feel like we're about to lose our minds!

Zach brings the drama on the green screen

I cannot wait to see this scene finished and edited!

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