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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Make Your Own Cocktail Syrups!

Have you ever looked at a cocktail recipe and thought "I can't make that! I don't have (fill in the blank) syrup!" Yes, you can! Cocktail syrups are easy to make, which means that not only do you not need to source specialty syrups or order online, you can save lots of money!

The syrup called for the most in cocktail recipes is simple syrup, which is nothing more than sugar and water. Combine one part sugar to one part water. I like to melt mine on the stovetop (don't boil - it's ready as soon as the sugar is melted), but you can also shake vigorously until they're completely combined. If you prefer a richer syrup you can use two parts sugar. You can also use a brown sugar, such as turbinado or demerara, if you're looking for variety.

For easy passionfruit, tamarind and other exotic syrups, simply combine one part simple syrup to one part frozen fruit pulp. If you have a 14 oz packet of passionfruit pulp, melt 7 oz of sugar in 7 oz of water, add your pulp and melt. That's it! We also use this technique for grenadine: one part pure pomegranate juice to one part simple syrup.

There are many fancy syrups out there, such as chili lime syrups, ginger,  cinnamon, etc. Those are practically as easy to accomplish as the syrups above! Steep herbs or spices in water until you have a flavor you like (letting them sit overnight really brings out the flavor), then proceed as you would for simple syrup, using your flavored water in place of plain water. Try it with  herbal teas, fresh ginger, cinnamon sticks and more!

If you're concerned that you might not use your syrup quickly and would like a preservative, a shot of light rum or vodka will help to prolong its life. Be sure to store your syrups in the refrigerator!

There is a world of easy cocktail syrups at your fingertips! Play around with your favorite flavors and, when you have a syrup you really love, send us the recipe! We'd love to feature it!

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