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Monday, June 17, 2013

Busy, busy, busy!

I haven't updated much lately, but it's not because nothing has been going on!  Between "Velveteen Lounge Kitsch-en," other acting stuff, getting ready for Ohana Luau at the Lake and other stuff I've just been really busy!  We were in Albany on Saturday, filming for our upcoming road trip episode.  Here's Albany's best-known roadside attraction, Nipper, the RCA dog, which sits atop a moving and storage building:

While in Albany we also stopped at Westmere Beverage and got some beer for the Old Man Beer Cooler, Paul's pride and joy, which we'll take to Ohana Luau at the Lake.  Westmere is by far the most extensive beverage store I've ever seen.  It's worth a side trip if you're in the Albany area and like beer or soda.

The weekend also featured Herman, the possum that Paul discovered in our compost bin on Saturday morning.  Herman was there in the morning and still there Saturday evening, after we returned home.  Herman obviously was stuck.  Paul evicted him in the woods across the street from our house, but the next day he was back in the bin again.  Clearly Herman wasn't too bright, but at least knew how to find food.  Paul evicted him yet again (this time I filmed it) and we got a new compost bin with a tight lid.  Here's Herman in the old bin, chillin':

The excitement never stops!


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