Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sue Ann Nivens: Domestic Goddess

If you're at all a fan of cooking and lifestyle shows and aren't familiar with the fabulous Sue Ann Nivens, you have some watching to do!  Sue Ann, played by the amazing Betty White, was the home show goddess at WJM Studios on the Mary Tyler Moore Show and she was hilarious!  All sweetness and light on the exterior, she was judgmental, bawdy, condescending, a nympho and absolutely hysterical.  She stopped at nothing to get her way and, if you were in her way, what were you doing there in the first place?!  I've been making my way through the entire Mary Tyler Moore Show series and the Sue Ann episodes are my absolute favorites.  Cheers to Betty White and the writers of the show for giving us a character that is as funny today as she was 40 years ago!  Here's to TV lifestyle goddesses!

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