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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Powder Room Redo: Hell Doesn't Have Tequila Shots

I admit that I reached a point today where I didn't know whether or not I could go on. Everything to do with our powder room redo is taking five times longer than it should, if there is a roadblock to hit, we hit it, and it's all becoming a bit too much. This is all on top of our work on the show and Paul's job, which he really needs to do if he wants to continue being employed. Also, I now have a nasty headcold. I hit rock bottom. However, there was a point when I was trowling cement over the floor when Paul brought me a tequila shot. He also plugged his phone in and played Devo. Between Devo and the tequila, I realized that it could be worse. Not much worse as far as the house goes, but worse in general. Tomorrow we'll have tile on the floor and probably a couple of walls, too. Eventually this will all be behind us. Our episodes will get shot, we'll have Thanksgiving - life will go on, although it doesn't feel like it at the moment. Right now all I want to do is mix up a cocktail, watch the worst classic TV I can possibly find and forget we ever took this on!

Always trowling mortar...

Next stop: tile!

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