Thursday, December 8, 2016

Oh, Cocktail Tree!

You may have heard the rumors that I'm addicted to Christmas trees. It's absolutely true. I never met a Christmas tree I didn't want to adopt. That's why we have, according to a friend's count on Saturday, 47 of them. I'm not kidding. Of course, most are small, but five could be considered full-sized and several more fall into the "medium" category. "You must have a really big house," you might be thinking. Nope! Our house is quite cozy (read small). We just evict furniture to make room for all the trees! Who needs to sit down, anyway? I love sharing our trees, so I will be doing so here, starting with a vintage tree we inherited from some friends who were moving away. This one has a vaguely cocktail theme*:

Those "cocktail tickets" are from Continental Airlines, 1960s-70s. My aunt was a flight attendant who, happily for me, saved everything. And since, as far as I'm concerned, everything is fair game in the ornament department, they now live on the tree!

More trees coming soon! And I'd love to see yours!

*Actually, this is only one of our cocktail trees. We have two others, to be featured soon. ;)

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