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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Wall is painted!

A seemingly simple project turned into a days long odyssey the other day.

We decided to move a large poster out of our dining room and into the office/guest room (the Blue Grotto).  No big deal.  ALL of the moving of wall stuff should have taken maybe 90 minutes, tops, since we had a lot of things on the Blue Grotto wall that had to find new homes.  Well, we took the poster down from the dining room... along with large patches of paint from the wall.  GRRR!  Repainting is always a major pain in this house, since the previous owners used oil paint on every vertical surface and latex paint just peels up like a layer of dead skin without an oil-based primer coat.  So I spackled and primed the bad patches, thinking I'd use leftover paint from when we painted the wall before.  No such luck.  Either I had the wrong paint (unlikely) or it had chemically changed since we'd painted originally, because the newly filled patches were a completely different color from the rest of the wall.  BACK to Lowe's for more paint.  It's finally painted now and, $30 or so later, our "easy," "free" project is at least almost done.  Next up: hanging the stuff on the dry walls that we were going to hang last weekend!

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