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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Happy Holidays...To YOU!

Our current episode (click here to watch) is all about fighting Christmas craziness by taking good care of yourself and listening to what you truly want out of the holiday season. It seems so simple, but this message has a way of getting lost this time of year, which is why you see so much made of it in the media.  It can feel as though we're bombarded, not only by the expectations of others, by our own expectations of what our season should look like.  Pinterest-perfect parties with gorgeous tablescapes, beautifully wrapped gifts that make recipients universally squeal with delight, lots of glamorous photos of shiny outfits and perfect hair days on Facebook... it's enough to make anyone feel like a failure if even one aspect isn't Instagram-worthy. Who needs it?! Participate in the aspects that make you happy and ignore the rest. They're your holidays and every aspect is optional. If you don't want to go to the party, don't go to the party! If your family is a passive-aggressive nightmare, stay away! You don't like wrapping gifts or making cookies or singing carols? Don't! Remember, peace on earth starts at home, so treat yourself well and enjoy some inner peace this season!

Christmas on the sofa, with cocktails? Yes, please!

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