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Monday, December 14, 2015

How To Have A Ball On A Baby Sitter's Budget

We recently received a box in the mail from a fabulous friend, filled with honeycomb decorations for several holidays and vintage cookbook pamphlets, one of my favorite things in life! These are the books that you see in line at the supermarket or that you can send away for or get free when you purchase a product. There were some amazing ones in the box, including this one, with which I’m obsessed: How To Have A Ball On A Baby Sitter’s Budget, from the Pillsbury Junior Home Service Center. It’s not dated, but judging from the section entitled “Soaring Into 60s” I’m going to guess it’s from 1959. It is a treasure trove of Christmas-themed fabulousness, with ideas for parties like “Winter Barbecue,” “Mocktail Party” and “Slumber Party.” Today let’s look at Slumber Party for some ideas for a Christmas breakfast (click images to make them larger):

I love that hard boiled egg decorated like Santa! Actually, I love everything about this, from the idea that one might use toothpicks to prop up their drooping eyelids the morning after (you just can’t suggest things like that in cookbooks anymore) to the punch made from Pillsbury Fluffy Orange Frosting Mix. Sprinkle with nutmeg (and copious amounts of rum couldn’t hurt)!

I’ll share more from this fabulous tome soon! In the meantime, start planning that holiday slumber party! It’s a natural for New Year’s Eve!

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