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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Don't Obsess, Just Drink!

My friend Jennifer shared a great article by wine expert Ryan Opaz (click here to read it), the gist of which is that wine should be enjoyed, not a source of shame for imbibers who aren't sure whether or not they're drinking the right wine or a wine that's "good enough." All I can say is "Amen!" I've been privy to a depressing number of discussions on liquor, beer, food and the like which seem to devolve into arguments about whether or not a particular product is worthy and become, rather than a chance to share information on new products or something that someone tried and particularly liked, more of a competition over who has the most educated palate and is therefore more of an "expert" on cocktails (or beer or coffee or artisanal bread). It reminds me of teenagers raging that any band that isn't among their favorites "sucks." However, what's cute, if asinine, in a kid is just mean and sad in an adult. By all means, folks should drink whatever makes them happy! But if someone likes Yellow Tail wine or Myers's rum, they should be able to drink it in peace, without shaming from the peanut gallery. It's so refreshing to see an expert who agrees. Thank you, Ryan Opaz!

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