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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Rum Cake Pop Garnishes

I've heard it said, and can attest firsthand that it's true, that cake pops are addictive. They're so good and so little that it seems harmless to have just one more... then suddenly you realize you've had the equivalent of a large slice of candy coated cake! I recently checked a book out of the library on making cake pops and was glad I hadn't actually bought it, since it's the easiest process ever. There doesn't have to be any baking involved and you can wing it and be pretty much guaranteed of success. All you do is crumble up some cake (store bought is fine) and add some moisture (in the book they used frosting - I used rum, since I'm inclined that way) until it forms into balls nicely. Don't add too much - you want it to hold together, but not be wet. Then you add picks or skewers if you want them, then dunk in chocolate chips melted according to package directions or the candy melt pellets you can purchase at the craft stores. Then you let them firm up. That's it, unless you want to decorate them! I, of course, sprinkled them with edible glitter, since I sprinkle everything with edible glitter. They make great garnishes for your tropical libations!

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