Friday, November 4, 2016

How long does it take to create an episode?

We're often asked how long it takes to create a "Velveteen Lounge Kitsch-en" episode from start to finish. Sometimes people are surprised to learn that it's not just three or so minutes, since that's what you see on the screen! The answer is, it varies tremendously. On the short end it might be a couple of days. Currently, we have one in process that we've been working on since summer (and I'm determined to finish it this year)! Most fall somewhere in between.

Every episode starts with an idea. I'm not ashamed to say that some of those ideas are pretty mediocre and get tossed! Once we have a good idea, the recipe testing begins. Depending on how quickly we need to get that particular episode online, this could take from a day or two to a month or more. Once we have the recipes, I write the episode (which typically takes an hour or so), then a day or so later I shoot the food shots and our green screen backgrounds, if we're using them.

Floating cheese doodles. I was proud of my makeshift doodle mobile!

Green screen background for our Nightmare Before Christmas episode. You should have seen my "tripod!" :D

If there are any special costumes to be made, I typically make those a day or two before we shoot, though I've been known to make hair accessories minutes before!

An offering from the costume closet
If we're shooting at home, it takes about three hours to get ready to shoot an episode, between setting up lights, arranging the ingredients for drinks and the bar top, makeup and hair, etc. It takes a lot of makeup to look like you're only marginally made up!

Shooting at a location can either increase or lessen our shooting time, depending on a number of factors, like how long it takes to get there, what we're using for equipment and so forth. If we're just using our portable light or available light, we can actually be pretty quick if we need to.

On location at Otto's Shrunken Head
Once the shooting is done, Paul dons his editor hat and takes the reins. He often, though not always, edits the episodes on his train commute!

I guess my performance didn't keep him awake that day!

Once it's edited and we're both happy with it, it's time to upload to YouTube, Facebook, REVRY, Instagram and anyplace and everyplace else! I maintain our website, which is the last step in the process. You can find all of our recipes there!

That's the process in a nutshell! We're always open to episode ideas, cocktail suggestions and anything else you'd like us to cover on the show, so be sure to let us know what you'd like to see!

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