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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

If You Like It, Drink It

We love creating cocktails that we enjoy and that we think others will enjoy and we love sharing them, since we want everyone to enjoy! Sometimes it can feel like life doesn't have enough enjoyment and we hope, in our small way, to help to rectify that. Adult beverages can help you to unwind and be a relaxing ritual after a long day. But there's nothing relaxing or enjoyable about defending your choice of cocktail or spirit to some beverage bully who would tell you you're "wrong" to like your martinis with vodka or a Bloody Mary when it's not brunch. Those people need to pour a large glass of whatever they enjoy and get lives. Life is too short to not drink exactly what you like, so fix yourself a large version of whatever you love tonight. If you get any comments from the peanut gallery, savor it that much more. It will drive them nuts!

This wouldn't be my choice, but she seems to be enjoying it!

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