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Monday, September 11, 2017

Why Do We Have An Online Store?

It sometimes feels as though everyone has their hand in your pocket, trying to get to your hard earned cash (at least it feels that way to me!). When we mention our online store we probably seem like no exception. Here's a little bit about why we have an online store in the first place and how you can help us to pay to produce our show by only buying items you'd purchase anyway!

There is a myth out there that video creators and bloggers are raking in the money via advertising dollars. Those ads that run in front of our videos pay us big money, right? That may be true in some lucky cases, but the fact is that most of us aren't even making enough for a trip to the supermarket via ad revenue. So we look for other ways to monetize. An affiliate store is a natural for us because we actually use most of those products in our videos. If we use a product, such as bitters or a cocktail shaker, and you're curious about it, you'll probably find it in our store. Unfortunately we can't sell liquor (maybe one day), but we try to cover the rest!

Maybe you have no interest in any of those products whatsoever. Believe it or not, you can still help us to get paid! If you're inclined to shop on Amazon.com, if you enter Amazon through our store we will get a commission on anything you buy, regardless of whether or not it's actually in our store. All you need to do click on an Amazon link in our store and, boom, you're shopping on Amazon and we're potentially making a little money! Everybody wins!

Fortunately for us, our show is relatively inexpensive to produce. Our biggest expenses are liquor, travel to locations, recording songs for our music videos (a new one is coming soon!) and, increasingly, legal fees to protect ourselves in the Wild West of the internet. But every bit helps, so please consider stopping by our store when you're planning to shop on Amazon.com and entering Amazon that way. We appreciate the support!

Just a few of the items in our affiliate store!