Friday, September 15, 2017

Yes You CAN! Beer Can Home Decor

You may have noticed that canned beer is making a comeback. Many of the craftiest breweries are now selling their product in cans. There are myriad reasons some consider cans superior to bottles, but I'll bet those folks hadn't factored in the home decorating possibilities associated with canned beer. Those cans can be the basis for home decor items that are sure to be real conversation pieces. Here are a few retro ideas from 1976's Better Homes and Gardens Treasures from Throwaways. You may not ever be able to view a glass-topped table in the same way again!

I love the fact that this project calls for 147 cans collected "over a period of time." Some folks could accomplish that in a week! I also enjoy the fact that they specifically call for cans without dents. If you think this table is unique, just imagine it with a few dented cans!

"Tin cans have never looked so good!" You'll have to cut the tops out of these, but you have plenty of time before the 4th of July rolls around. Stars and stripes forever! 

Okay, you have a little less lead time for this striking Christmas tree, so you'd better get busy drinking that beer if you want to have this one ready for Christmas 2017. You know what they say about the struggle...

So sip (or swill - we don't judge!) that canned beer and set those cans aside for future use. It's positively green! Fred Sanford would approve.

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