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Friday, September 11, 2015

Beatrice Vaughan: Food Columnist and Expert Cook

Few things make me happier than going through my vintage cookbooks and discovering a fabulous, forgotten lady who was a food celebrity in her day.  Today we're celebrating Beatrice Vaughan, of East Thetford, VT, who "demand(ed) a piece of the action" by starting a second life as a food researcher and writer in her fifties and published a number of cookbooks in her day.  And I was doubly happy to find this article about her from December 3, 1969 by "nationally known food columnist" Gaynor Maddox, since we're the proud owners of one of his records, "Hear How To Plan The Perfect Dinner Party," which he recorded with his wife Dorothy!  We'll be sampling some of Mrs. Vaughan's apple recipes in the coming days.  Apples and Autumn - the perfect pair!  And here's to Beatrice Vaughan, who never approved of "women in middle age who just sit down and wring their hands and complain about not being needed anymore.  There is always something to do if you look for it."  She was living proof of that!

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