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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I Just Love Cleaning

Said Kelly never.

I adore making cocktails and cooking.  I enjoy sewing, crafts, decorating and many home construction projects.  However, the joys of cleaning the house have always eluded me in the past, mainly because we live in an old house that seems to get dirty again before I'm even done.  But we're having company a couple of times over the next week, so it needs to be done.  Happily, I think I've discovered a way to make the task much more enjoyable for myself (besides doing it with a lovely libation, which I highly recommend if you can get away with it ;)) and that is taking the time to re-appreciate all that we have as I dust and scrub.

It may sound silly, but when life gets busy and we're stressed out, trying to do too much at one time, I stop seeing our home and our surroundings.  Treasures that we've collected or inherited, fun knickknacks, photos and art - it all fades into the background of our busy days.  I've found that cleaning gives me an opportunity to see our stuff with fresh eyes and remember the good times or friends or relatives that brought these items into our lives.  True, they'll be dusty again before I know it, but it's a good feeling to enjoy what we already have.  I may not ever look forward to cleaning, but this new attitude (and a charming cocktail) means that it will get done with a minimum of drama!

Trying to see past the ancient beverage to the fabulous pitcher I received as a gift one Christmas.

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