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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Catching Up After A Crazy Week!

There's lots going on here at the Kitsch-en! We're shooting some of the sequences for our upcoming music video tomorrow, so I've been wearing my costume designer (and seamstress) hat. Thankfully that's done!

A little ironing and they'll be ready to wear!
I've also been inventing cocktails in honor of our fabulous AIDS Walk New York sponsors! Here's one created for the very generous Doug, who requested gin. The recipe will be featured in one of our upcoming happy hour episodes!

Black Rose Ginny, coming soon to a happy hour episode!
Finally, I just completed an article for an event publication with several tropical recipes we had fun sampling. They're a nice counterpoint to the crappy weather we're currently experiencing. I think there should be a ban on snow in April!

Repeat after me, summer is coming, summer is coming...
Have a fabulous weekend!

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