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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I'm Loving This Book About Brownie Wise

Ever since I saw a documentary about Tupperware on The American Experience, I've been fascinated by Brownie Wise. I'm not finished with this book yet, but she's just beginning her descent down the ladder, after reaching dizzying heights as a female executive in the 1950s. It is particularly interesting to me to be reading this book at this exact moment. As our show grows and we continue to play a little bigger, I'm noticing something I had never noticed before: sexism. It's not blatant, you understand. It's not overt. No one told me to get back into the kitchen. But I've found that certain parties with whom we're working, including women, will take Paul's calls, but blow me off. He's an authority figure, seemingly because he's a man, even though I'm the executive producer of this show and the buck stops with me (Trust me, he won't be insulted to see that in print!). It's fascinating and, frankly, a little stomach turning. I will just say this: Paul will make the phone calls, since he's as pragmatic as I and knows we simply need to get things done. But the decisions are still being made by both of us, with me having at least an equal vote. I believe in breaking down barriers and all that, but for now we just need to get the job done!

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