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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Quick Catch-Up - More Soon!

I swear, no sooner do we touch down after Tiki Oasis than we're on the move again! This whole summer has been a blur, but mostly a happy one. A few highlights:

Our Tiki Oasis symposium is a memory (although we could probably be persuaded to give command performances after a few drinks)! Click here to watch the short film we made to accompany it! I took pitifully few photos while we were there, but I did take a few of the King's Inn, our hotel, which was amazing - a retro time capsule, complete with a fabulous bar and breakfast spot (The Waffle Spot). Some of my fondest memories include the GIGANTIC margarita I had at the Amigo Spot, followed by a long soak in the hot tub.

By the way, I've pretty much distilled my life goals down to one: get a hot tub.

Our next trip will be to the Bay Area, where some fabulous friends are tying the knot, and where we plan to do a little filming in our off hours.

Beyond that, I just procured our tickets to the Smithsonian Food History Festival, October 29! I am beyond excited, since Jane and Michael Stern will be there. They're pretty much our idols (if you'd like to learn more about them, click here) and I will probably show up with ALL of their books, begging to get them signed. We also got tickets to the American brewing event. What could there possibly be to not like about THAT? If you're in the DC area, let's meet up!

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