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Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today is our 18th anniversary! We've been celebrating for a couple of days at our favorite spot in New York - home! Between being in California recently for Tiki Oasis, being in NYC a lot and heading to California again at the end of September, there's been a lot of "outness" lately, so we both just really wanted to stay home.  Paul prepared a special breakfast this morning - Waffle Benedict - and last night we had my favorite thing on earth, lobsters!

Waffle Benedict a la Paul

Sorry, food police, but I cannot resist
I made Bongo Bongo Soup and Lime Mousse from the Trader Vic's Tiki Party book to go with the lobsters and made a sauce to have with pasta out of some of the leftover broth.

Lime Mousse

Bubbly cocktails have been and will continue to be consumed and we're thinking of more seafood for the grill tonight.

I can't imagine a better anniversary!