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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tips For The Harried Hostess (or Host)

Have you thought of throwing a cocktail party, but then said "Eh, too much work," and canned the idea? Well, the time to entertain has come! Find a copy of Good Housekeeping's Appetizer Book (1958, The Hearst Corporation and, yes, those are appetizers sticking out of a candle on the cover), because it has ideas so easy you never even need to turn on a burner, much less the oven!

No serving platter? No problem! Stick your appetizers in a lit candle! It's food AND mood lighting!

(Practically) everyone loves a seafood cocktail! Go bohemian and serve it in the living room! These sauces are all pretty darned quick and easy, but for the truly time pressed, see the final suggestion.

Here's another eccentric serving suggestion for your seafood cocktail - spear shrimp and arrange whimsically around a basket!

For the seafood-abstainers on your guest list, here's an intriguing appetizer from the "slimming" section of the book. I'd never equated canned meat with dieting before.

If you've ever thought you were too much of a kitchen klutz to create adorable raw veggies, Susan is here to show you differently. Don't forget the perky watercress!

Perfect for spearing and sticking into a candle!
With tips like these I'm sure you'll see just how easy it can be to throw a party guests will discuss for weeks! Batch up the martinis ahead of time by the pitcherful and they may even eat!

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