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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Storing Bar Paraphernalia

Have you ever noticed how one innocent little piece of vintage bar paraphernalia seems to sprout into a collection, seemingly out of nowhere? You pick up a set of swizzle sticks at a yard sale or uncover a handful of matchbooks in a relative's desk drawer and suddenly you've got collecting fever! And all of that stuff can really take up a lot of space. The good news is that other bar accoutrements and vintage found items often make the best storage! Here are a few ideas - dig around and you probably already have perfect items to store your cocktail-related gems!

How many shakers can you use at one time? Use some to store swizzle sticks!

The same goes for shot glasses - store cocktail picks in them!

Vases aren't just for flowers!  Store swizzle sticks, straws, bar spoons and more!

When they're not holding ice, ice buckets can hold matchbooks and more!

And an ice bucket with a lid lets you keep stuff you don't want seen hidden.

Tiki bowls make great storage, too!

This mail organizer holds swag from various events, but has plenty of room for booklets and more.

Vintage suitcases are well-known storage containers, but don't forget about the little ones! Perfect for playing cards...

Not to mention coasters, picks and so much more!

Are your records overflowing their shelves? File folder racks are a great solution! And, as offices increasingly go paperless, they're easy to find cheaply or free. This one is a street find!

Do you have any great storage tips to share? We'd love to hear them! I'm in an organizing frame of mind lately...


  1. Actually we did the same today, went through our bar, lots of treasures.