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Friday, January 13, 2017

Easiest Brunch Suggestions EVER

Everyone knows that brunch is so popular because it means you can have booze with breakfast and no one will look askance. It's not like it's actually breakfast, even if you're eating an omelet or bowl of Cheerios at 9:00 AM. If it's the weekend, it's brunch! This little vintage pamphlet from Seagram's 7 Crown has suggestions so easy that you may just want to host brunch every weekend. Liquor in your coffee? It's okay if it's brunch!

After dinner...yeah, right. ;)

Grapefruit is a classic way to start brunch, particularly when you've added a shot of whiskey.

Brunch is easy and casual. If cocktails feel like too much work, enjoy your hooch on ice.

Or, if even ice is too much of an effort, offer it straight up!

Throw in some bagels and lox and your brunch will be the hit of the season!

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