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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Meet Me In The Rendezvous Room

I recently came into possession of three large boxes of my aunt's belongings. She was a flight attendant for 39 years (I know this because her retirement plaque was in one of the boxes) for Continental Airlines and she saves everything, so there was some great stuff in there, including this photo of her in Hawaii (that was her route for years) and this Continental brochure from 1963. Don't you wish flying was still like this?

I still look for crew competence when I fly.

Yes, please!


It will take me eons to get through everything in those boxes, but there are also Continental annual reports for 1967 and 1968, more Continental literature, vintage clothing, tons of jewelry and lots more. It's like Christmas all over again!


  1. Oh you lucky lady!! I also wish air travel was like this! Ever see the series Pan Am?

  2. I would absolutely faint if I unearthed a treasure trove like that. I remember flying when planes had the upstairs lounge. I was a child but I could just picture the elegance at the top of those stairs!