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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Flower Arranging: A Fascinating Hobby

Who doesn't want to add a little beauty to their home or dinner table? This 1941 tome from the Coca-Cola Company aims to help you do just that, with some ideas that are, indeed, fascinating. Here are a few of my favorites:

If Volume 2 is this amazing I can only dream of what Volume 1 contains!

The elegant arrangements are all well and good, but this book was published by Coca-Cola. Therefore, things take a turn for the decidedly Coke-y by the end. Take it from Laura Lee Burroughs: whether you're entertaining the Garden Club, hosting bridge night or a badminton tournament, the teens or the Boy Scouts, "Pause and relax with Coca-Cola. Eventually your success will be assured." In fact, who needs flowers at all? Park some bottles of Coke on the table and you're all set! Don't forget the hooch (well, don't put it out on Scout or teen night)! 

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