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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Burger and Hot Dog Creativity, Mid-Century Style

Burgers and hot dogs are summer traditions for a reason, but what if you're feeling creative and want to try something different? Here are some ideas you probably hadn't thought of for summer entertaining (or entertaining during any other season, for that matter). These appetizers all feature hot dogs. Have you ever minced hot dogs before? Get ready to mince and grind! Frankly (you should pardon the expression), I want to pass a tray of these appetizers at a party so that I can say "Chunkette?" and watch the reactions!


For the main course we move on to ground beef, which 1967's Ground Beef Cookbook calls "one of the most 'talented' of meats," (sic), with a couple of meat loaf recipes that promise to be real conversation starters! You don't have to use beef for these recipes - I won't tell! First up: Unusual Ground Beef Loaf, courtesy of Mrs. Fred Merk of Drain, Oregon:

Not to be outdone, Mrs. Herbert Laroche, of Domremy, Saskatchewan, Canada, offers us her Piquant Meat Loaf, complete with Piquant Sauce:

I'm positive these ladies had first names, but, alas, we'll never know them. One day I will serve Unusual Ground Beef Loaf so that I can answer "Unusual Ground Beef Loaf" when asked what we're having for supper. By the way, you're invited for supper!

Bon appetit!


  1. Hey Kelly, the meatloaf we make is my mom's recipe I remember eating in the late 50's up through when I married my wife and my wife uses the same recipe. It is nearly identical to the Piquant Meat Loaf. Only difference is we don't use milk or sage in it and have not tried nutmeg in the sauce which I may try next time I make it. Strange how now that I think about it, we use a lot of recipes my mom gave us that I grew up on and they were from the 50's.

    1. It is truly a classic recipe! I think nutmeg can really add a little something. I'd be inclined to use sage if I was doing ground turkey. ;)