Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Halloween at the Vermont Country Store

We happened to be in Vermont last weekend and the Vermont Country Store was kind enough to allow us to shoot some video for upcoming episodes at their Rockingham location. If you are at all into retro culture or are nostalgic for the trappings of your youth, you would lose your mind at the Vermont Country Store! They have everything from food to home goods to clothing to toys and more, all reminiscent of the past, yet still fabulous and useful. I was enthralled with their Halloween section and came home with some new decor to add to our display, which I'll share as soon as I'm done. Here are some shots of their Halloween offerings. I could go broke in there!

Do you decorate for Halloween? I'd love to see your displays!


  1. Do they have the paper mache cat head in the picture? I couldn't find it on the website.

    1. It was definitely in the store (Rockingham location). I wonder if they might be able to help if you call? Their operator is incredibly polite and helpful.