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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Back to the Supermarket

More supermarket action.  This time I want to know why the checkers at Shop Rite seem almost obsessed with giving me plastic bags.  I take my own canvas bags, and they even give you five cents off per bag, yet any time they scan an item that is remotely meat-related, fragile, or that contains oil or soap, they want to stick it in a plastic bag.  Just put it in the canvas bag and I'll take my chances!  That's what the washing machine is for.  Yeesh!  And I'm not all super environmentalist or anything.  Plastic bags just breed like rats and I don't need a repeat of what happened a few years ago, when we had to throw away (this was before stores started recycling them) two huge bags of bags during Spring Cleanup Week, since they were too big to fit into a trash can.

It does kind of fascinate me to watch people bag their own groceries, though.  I was recently in line behind a woman who put seemingly every single item into its own plastic bag.  She must have left that store with 50 bags.  She should get a job at Shop Rite.  She'd fit right in.

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  1. It's auto pilot. I'm convinced that, when you do the same thing day after day, even when someone asks you to do something that deviates from the usual way, like "I don't need a bag" or "no tomato," you automatically do it anyway.