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Saturday, January 26, 2013


Paul and I are being hermits this weekend and I have to say I'm LOVING it.  I've always suspected that deep down I'm antisocial, but it thrills me to have no outside plans this weekend.  I'm even resenting the fact that someone is going to have to go out at some point and buy tea bags.  That's how much I don't want to leave the house.  We're getting good, productive work done - work that we want to do - and we can knock off when we feel like it and have already-paid-for cocktails and dinner.  No traffic or lousy drivers.  No loud music, no obnoxious people or overpriced drinks.  Movies we want to see, music we want to hear.  Honestly, I may not leave the house until Tuesday, when I have to go into the city for business purposes.  I'm cocooning and may continue to do so until, oh, I don't know, OHANA.

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