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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I love wandering through the supermarket and seeing that big yellow RFQS sticker on something I was already planning to purchase: Reduced For Quick Sale.  That means it's at its sell-by date, so they have to move it out of the store quickly at a huge reduction.  We get everything from salad to chicken this way and haven't had a bad experience yet (it's AT its sell-by date, not PAST it).  If you're planning to eat whatever it is you're buying that day or soon after, it's a great way to save a buck!

And, speaking of things past their sell-by dates, our store will give you a $1 coupon if you point anything past its sell-by date out to customer service.  For a while I was getting one every time I went into the store because all of the tubs of coconut spread were past their dates and no one did anything about it for several weeks.  KA-CHING!

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