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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today is our 15th anniversary!  On this day 15 years ago, a Rhode Island judge speed read our vows on a beautiful, sunny day and the rest is history!  We celebrated with lobsters, our absolute favorite indulgence, and a "Thin Man" movie.  Perfect for us!

Be glad there's no "after" shot, since we were both drenched in butter and lobster broth, as were the table and floor!


  1. Happy 15th~My wife and I celebrated our 45th this July, but not with Lobster, we enjoyed BBQed Tri Tip and a Blue Cheezy Salad. We enjoy following your adventurers, very much like ours on the West Coast. Trader Vic's has/had been a regular haunt of ours for years, still have a set of Salt and Pepper shakers from a visit to San Francisco's Cosmo Place location. The Trader Vic's in Hawaii was in the International Market Place on Kapiolani Blvd. Not sure if we swiped anything from there, to people coming and going. Once again, Happy Anniversary.

    1. Thank you so much, Bill, and congrats on your 45th! That's so great! I envy your travels. :-)