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Monday, September 16, 2013

Ida Bailey Allen

Continuing our exploration of radio and television cooking and lifestyle hostesses of yore, I'd like to introduce you to Ida Bailey Allen (1885 - 1973), known at one time as "The Nation's Homemaker" and "The Original Domestic Goddess."  Mrs. Allen began her career as a food writer in the teens, her book Mrs. Allen's Cookbook having been published in 1917.  A partial list of her accomplishments includes serving as a food editor and columnist for many newspapers and publications, penning countless articles for magazines such as "Good Housekeeping" and "Ladies Home Journal," hosting, producing and even selling advertising for her own radio show, writing over 50 cookbooks, and appearing as television's first female cooking show host on "Mrs. Allen and the Chef."  At one point she even allowed visitors into her home and test kitchen, to witness "the latest developments in homemaking." Whew!   Mrs. Allen, we salute your pioneering spirit as a woman in broadcasting and your boundless creative energy!

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