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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I Hate Painting

Specifically priming.

I've been priming our powder room and our "one coat," oil-based primer clearly needs a second coat, plus I haven't even touched the doors, since we're going to take them off to paint them.

It's also really hard to get the paint to adhere to walls and ceilings  (yes, unfortunately we're doing the ceiling, too), since they're so lumpy and uneven. So I end up pressing on the roller, which sends a shower of oil-based primer down on top of me. Fortunately I'm onto these shenanigans and covered my hair and eyes this time, but the rest of me still looks like I have a tropical skin disease that would no doubt make homeland security stop me from entering the country. And I can't have a cocktail for an hour, since I have to pick Paul up from the train station.

Maybe after that I'll hit Cousin Glendora's box of wine. Hard.

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