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Monday, October 26, 2015

My Second Cake For Hire

I bake a fair number of cakes and pies for various episodes of the show and photos for symposiums and such. Since it's just Paul and me here we end up with lots of leftovers, if we even touch said desserts at all. They don't go to waste, though. Paul takes them to work and leaves them out for all to enjoy. Well, recently he was approached and asked if I'd bake a cake for a departmental birthday celebration - for pay, of course. So I did it and they were pleased! I just baked another, which he'll take in tomorrow. I hope they like it! The leftover batter and icing in the bowl were good!

I have no background in baking and am completely self taught, so I'm hoping that one day soon I'll be able to do one of the Saturday classes at the Culinary Institute of America.  Last year I did one of their two day boot camps, which was great. I learned a lot and it was very hands on. That's how I learn best, so I think it would be great for me. In the meantime, I can bake a mean chocolate, white, chocolate chip or pineapple upside-down cake!

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