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Friday, October 2, 2015

This is getting real

You'd think our powder room renovation project would have started feeling real when I tore out all of the tile paneling and left us with bare, hole-ridden walls. However, the reality really hit today when we spent another $200 on this project, on top of the over $200 we'd already spent so far. No tile yet, but we're all set with paint, primer and stuff to even out and waterproof the walls and floors. We also sprang $35, plus a $16 "mandatory lead test," to see how much it would cost if someone did the tiling for us. If the lead test comes back positive we just wasted $51. Sigh.

We're not messing around.
I also have several sewing projects in my near future for various upcoming episodes, plus there are always cocktails to test. I feel like testing one right now!

More contruction, this time of a slightly less messy nature.
In other news, our powder room redo has led to redoing our entire breakfast nook (up next), which lead to completely rearranging the dining room. Fortunately that project cost $0! The floor is still mostly covered with construction stuff, but here's one shot - we moved the hi fi to another wall, to make room for our FloJet bar, which got moved to make room for the dining room table!

Our Friday happy hour video is online! Click here to watch. It's full of frighteningly fun ideas for Halloween cocktail parties, including the easiest snack mix ever!

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