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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Really, YouTube People?

I recently tried two recipes I saw on YouTube that failed spectacularly. Crucial steps were left out of the process and/or ingredients were identified inaccurately. And a YouTuber I follow tried a recipe on her show that actually worked, but she intimated that she'd seen several recently that had not. As someone who posts recipes on YouTube, I find this highly disturbing. Presumably you post recipes on YouTube because you want to provide value or a service to viewers. They're just going to hate you if your recipes fail! I don't know what possesses people to post sloppy or inaccurate recipes, but I promise you here and now: we test our recipes before shooting them and, frankly, we toss any idea that isn't super easy or pretty much guaranteed of success. If you ever try something you see on our show and it doesn't work, please let me know! We will fix it! We want you to succeed!

Island Nut Bananas: so easy you could make them after SEVERAL lovely libations!

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