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Sunday, June 19, 2016

What Would Roger Corman Do?

A different kind of shooting day, but no less boozy!

We're making a short horror film that is a tribute to the mid-century horror films we love for a special project (online late summer) and did some shooting (and some boozy live videos) Saturday night! Pretty much nothing makes me happier than shooting video and when two of my very favorite people are involved, it's heaven! Our dear friend, who also happens to be a wildly talented actor, Zach Zito played the bartender and Paul and I were also in front of the camera. Fortunately the camera has a remote control and a monitor. And we got to employ the green screen!

We'll be getting more video for this masterpiece when we're in California next week, which is very exciting. I'm sure you can tell from the setup that we have nothing resembling an actual budget, but, when we have grand plans and zero cash we just ask ourselves What Would Roger Corman Do?

Stay tuned for more soon!

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