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Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Costume Closet

I was just asked on our YouTube channel if I make my own dresses for the show. In most cases the answer is yes! It's just not that easy to find a dress that says "Halloween" or "Elvis" or "Jaws" on the rack at the local department store and I'm often scrambling too late to order online. Fortunately for me, at this point I only use two patterns for the show, one of which I've come to call "the VLK dress" and which I can whip up in a morning!

A few examples of the VLK dress

Oddly, Glendora's wardrobe is almost entirely store bought (albeit vintage). I've started seeing things in stores and on women and saying "Glendora needs that," which is probably not sane!

I do have some amazing dresses that I wear for the show that are vintage. I'm sure some of my friends could tell you where to find the best vintage dresses, but I tend to stumble upon mine in thrift stores and at events. 

Our YouTube commenter suggested that we make a sewing video. That is a great idea! In the meantime, if you don't sew and are interested, here are a few tips from a non-expert:

  • Take a class. I found one at Jo-Ann Fabrics and it really helped. You'll mainly learn by doing, but a class (or a friend or relative who sews) is incredibly helpful when starting out.
  • Vintage patterns are far easier to follow than contemporary. I have no idea why this is, but it has definitely been my experience.
  • Insert the zipper, if not first thing, then really early on. Many contemporary patterns have you adding the zipper toward the end, which is a recipe for disaster. Again, I have no idea why.
  • Purchase a seam ripper and keep it handy! It's really annoying to rip out a seam and start over, but it's a great way to learn!
  • Pick up the best sewing machine you can afford. I have a Husqvarna Viking Scandinavia 200 and love it!
Time to start thinking about that video...


  1. I've always wondered about your fab wardrobe! I would definitely tune in to a VLK sewing episode. Couture cocktails? A sew-along? The possibilities are endless.

    1. Thanks! I think I need to make this happen. :D