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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Applejack instead of whiskey?

Fall might mean all things pumpkin, but it also means all things apple, and that includes applejack! According to 1977's The Applejack-instead-of-whiskey Recipe Book, William Laird, of Laird's Applejack, which remains on the market today, made applejack at his home in Monmouth, New Jersey as early as 1698. This tiny tome further claims that George Washington himself borrowed the family's recipe and began making it himself sometime around 1760. Fermented and distilled from apples and lovingly tended night and day, applejack is the perfect choice for fall cocktails! Here are a few to get you started, along with an adult Halloween punch they deemed "very relaxing." Bobbing for apples is a lot more fun when you're bobbing in booze!

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