Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What are you drinking to cope?

We received a message from our very sweet friend Michael a couple of days ago, who said that he had voted earlier that day and had prepared himself a  Bombay gin and tonic with pink grapefruit juice to help wash away the sourness and bitterness that has come with this particular election. It got me wondering what everyone else is drinking to cope? Judging from the crowds I've been seeing in the liquor stores lately, people are drowning their sorrows. If you're among those folks, please let us know what you're imbibing in the days leading up to the election. Snap a photo and we'll feature it here! We could even create a cocktail guide! It would be a public service.

A patriotic pink grapefruit gin and tonic


  1. You inspire me so much, like a breath of fresh air, that light moment I look for several times a week.. Thanks for all you do......