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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Who's Up For 44 Drinks?!

I've been organizing our cocktail guides and I'm rediscovering some real gems, including "How to make 44 drinks that put life in your party" ("advertised in LIFE" magazine), brought to us by the incredibly prolific Southern Comfort. Southern Comfort put out the best cocktail guides back in the day. True every drink featured SoCo, even when it shouldn't have, but, hey, what do you want from Southern Comfort?! The photos were fabulous and the themes, which ranged from disco to the Bicentennial, were inspired. The holiday party season is fast approaching, so let's explore this little booklet!

Any party with 44 drinks will have lots of life. Until it doesn't.

Bonus appetizer recipe, perfect for brunch or the morning after!

More easy appetizers, perfect for folks who may be, ahem, imbibing heavily.

Punch bowls perfect for the holiday season or when you're just looking to get loaded!

More holiday party suggestions coming soon! The mid-century era wasn't much for adult Halloween parties, but everyone knows a kids punch is fabulous with a little liquor added! 

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