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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

All This Authenticity Wears Me Out!

I see so much lately about how success on YouTube, in blogging, and in business is based on authenticity. I think "authenticity" is this year's "empowerment." I'm seeing that word everywhere. So-and-so is successful because they're so authentic.  But I can't always tell what that means. I feel like most people I know are authentic - they're themselves. And is someone inauthentic because they put their best foot forward or approach life in a humorous way? I have absolutely no issue with getting on Periscope and admitting I can't tell one cheap red wine from another or addressing issues like burnout in a humorous way, but am I inauthentic because I'm not wringing my hands and shedding tears? That's just not who I am. And isn't there plenty of that out there already? So many food and beverage writers will tell you that your choices in those areas say important things about you and separate the authentic from the inauthentic, as though you're a big phony if you eat a Twinkie or a frozen dinner. Many, many people will tell you that your wine or liquor choices matter a great deal and that they say something crucial about you. Well, I'm here to tell you that it's okay to drink what you like, whether it's cheap red wine or single malt scotch or tropical drinks in hollowed out pineapples! Isn't authenticity the ability to be in the moment and do what feels right at the time? And how can we pronounce judgement on someone's choices like that? I say be true to yourself and, if anyone accuses you of being "inauthentic" or phony, authentically give them a one-fingered salute!

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