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Friday, February 5, 2016

Desserts Spelled Backwards

What do you do when your day takes a turn for the stressful and it's just too early to start in on the lovely libations? Say, for example, that you realized that the meta data on all of the pages of your website was hopelessly out of date and that your site was likely being missed in online searches because of this, so suddenly your carefully planned day suddenly becomes about fixing over 100 pages and re-uploading them, in addition to your other tasks. Let's just say you may not be feeling as perky as you might otherwise. What do you do? Panicking doesn't solve anything. Grumbling and complaining may feel good in the moment, but they don't fix the problem. And throwing things only leads to breakage you probably don't ultimately want.

The solution, of course, is to do what you need to do, but in a way that doesn't further add to your anxiety. This isn't the time to expect yourself to prepare an elaborate dinner or complete tasks that aren't urgent. If possible, take a break and go for a walk (if it's not freezing), listen to some music, read or watch That Girl (my surefire stress reducer). Return to your tasks when you've pulled yourself together and push through, knowing that there is a lovely libation with your name on it at the end of the day! If you need an idea for tonight's menu, click here for this week's happy hour cocktail!

And remember:

Have a slice of cake while you're at it!