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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Easy Fun Margarita Variation!

For tonight's happy hour we're featuring Aperol Margaritas with Tabasco-infused salt! It couldn't be easier to change up your Margaritas if you want to play and add different flavors! All you do is substitute your chosen liqueur (in this case Aperol, which is technically a bitter, but same idea) for the orange liqueur in the Margarita recipe. Have fun and try different liqueurs! We've used ginger, elderflower, pomegranate and many more!

To make the Tabasco-infused salt, all you do is pour some salt into a plastic bag, followed by several large dashes of Tabasco.  Agitate until the Tabasco is incorporated with the salt, then spread out on waxed paper and allow to dry completely. It sounds crazy, but adds only a subtle spicy kick, which is tremendous fun! Bottoms up!

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