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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Easy and Inexpensive Cocktail Glamour

Don't you love it when you order a cocktail in a bar or restaurant and a beautifully designed drink is delivered? It's so easy and inexpensive to add a little glamour to your cocktails at home and we happen to have a few easy fixes in our Amazon affiliate store!

Marabou cocktail slippers. All of the glamour of a Jayne Mansfield or Mamie Van Doren epic and a built-in coaster! Click here for details!

Slide those slippers onto these classic cocktail glasses! Ignore the photo - they're all clear and the perfect size for the drinks we make on the show! Click here!

Disco dust. Sprinkle a little of this on top of your drink for all of the sparkle of an evening at Studio 54, with none of the attendant sleaziness. Click here for info!

Do you enjoy boxed wine, yet prefer not to advertise that fact? You need this! Stylish, functional and no one needs to know! See it here!

Here's the link to our online store, with our branded "Velveteen Lounge Kitsch-en" products and our Amazon affiliate store! If you're looking for cocktail glamour, you've come to the right place! http://www.velveteenloungekitsch-en.com/shop.htm

Thanks for visiting and happy hunting! Your purchases help us to fund the show!

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