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Friday, April 21, 2017

Recipes for Record Store Day

Tomorrow is Record Store Day, celebrating independent record stores, along with those who work in them and those who love them. As a bonafide record lover, I think this calls for a celebration! The leaflet, Three Wiki Wiki Parties for Teens by Dole (I'm going to guess early 1960s) even has a special recipe that's perfect for the occasion, a pineapple pizza for your platter party!

You could take their suggestion and accompany it with tall, cool glasses of milk (and, if you're actually entertaining teens I highly recommend it). However, you may just want a libation that's a bit lovelier. In that case, how about a big bowl of Champagne Delight Punch?

We have the Anchor Hocking Party Starter Punch Recipe Book (I'm going with early 1970s for this one) to thank for this punch. That's a lot of hooch! Whatever you imbibe, put some records on the turntable (find your nearest record store and purchase some if you don't have any) and lift a glass to Record Store Day! 

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